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Experimac Akron: As Fate and Faith Would Have It



The new electronics store provides a safe and trusted place to buy, sell, trade and repair Apple® products and other mobile and computer technologies. However, the story behind the Akron store began when the owners, Ron Mosley and Bert Griggs, met over 40 years ago at Perkins Junior High School. As they like to say, “We saw an opportunity to come back and give back to the city we love, where we still have family and great friends, and we wanted to be an example to young people in the city who have dreams they want to pursue”.

Ron and Bert’s story includes lessons learned through growing up in Akron and successes in sport and their professional careers that allowed them to see the country and travel the world. When the two met as teenagers in the 70’s neither had envisioned they would still be friends today or that they would be business partners.

As a teenager, Bert began taking Judo as a way to protect himself from bullies. “In those days, it wasn’t popular to go to a parent or teacher or some other adult and tell them that someone at school or in the neighborhood was picking on you or calling you names. My Mom just told me that I needed to learn to protect myself. If you’ve watched any of the ‘Karate Kid’ movies you’ll see that Martial Arts are really about learning discipline, working hard, and taking direction.”

Bert used lessons taught by Judoka and Mr. Kiel Soon Park, his longtime Judo instructor, to get fit and eventually played football at Buchtel High School and attended the University of Akron as a football scholarship athlete. As fate would have it, he suffered a neck injury and redirected his energy and work ethic into becoming a Judo champion. Bert was chosen by the United States Judo Federation to become a resident athlete at the United State Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He says, “Another great friend and Judo champion, Leo White was instrumental in inspiring me to be a competitor and take positive risks.”

Bert was a National AAU Jujitsu Champion, two-time Bronze Olympic Festival Medalist, and took Bronze at the US International Invitational Tournament. Then finally after a number of injuries and with his pursuit of the Olympics behind him, Bert decided to stay in Denver, Colorado where he recently retired as a Lead Addiction Counselor with the City of Denver.

Through the years Bert Griggs and Ron Mosley’s lives would weave a thread that allowed them to stay connected. While Bert was pursuing his dream, Ron Mosley had a number of opportunities come his way as a result of being a high school scholar-athlete.

“I was inspired by Coach Michael Buckner and other football players like Mark Jackson, Phil Manley and Bill Kirk to go to college and play football. I applied to attend West Point (Army) in New York, Yale University in Connecticut, and Brown University in Rhode Island; two Ivy League schools and a military academy. I got into all three and chose to be a ‘walk-on’ football player at Brown University. Although I am a quiet and reserved person on the outside, I was blessed with a ton of grit, tenacity, and resolve that I would not let circumstances or my past determine my future. I was the first one in my immediate family to graduate from college.”

Ron earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in computer architecture. He worked in the field for a few years after college with General Electric and Eaton Corporation. He transitioned into sales and marketing where for the last 20 years he worked in roles as a corporate sales executive, regional vice president, and consultant. He says that “Growing up in Akron gave me a tremendous foundation to meet people from all walks of life and social-economic status. “

As faith would have it, Ron met his wife, Olympic Gold Medalist, and hurdler, Benita Fitzgerald, through his friendship with Bert Griggs. Ron and Benita were living in the Los Angeles area and moved to Colorado to start their family. As fate would have it, Bert Griggs lived in Denver and the two best friends would again unite. With Ron looking to pursue his own business and Bert retiring from the city of Denver and, the two sought out an adventure they could work on together. As fate would have it, Ron was waiting for a flight at Dallas International Airport, where he met an executive that represented the Experimac franchise business.

Experimac is an innovative technology retail business that specializes in sales and service of pre-owned computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. The national franchise started 2014 in Florida and uniquely, Experimac has a special focus on pre-owned and refurbished Apple® products.

As Ron puts it, “We provide our customers and the community with a local alternative to the Apple Store®. Think about who Apple® product users are, and we could support them. So truly, any household or business can be an Experimac customer.”

Experimac Akron is located in Wallhaven at West Gate Plaza. There are places to buy used products like Craigslist® and eBay® but Experimac provides a safe location where people can sell and trade computers, smartphones, and tablets right in our backyard. Experimac also has a team of technology specialists that repair Apple® devices with screen replacements to computer hard drive migrations and virus clean up. Experimac also offers

warranties on purchases and service repairs and upgrades.

So with faith and the power of a dream, Bert and Ron thought there couldn’t be a better place to open an Experimac business than their hometown of Akron, OH. As fate would have it, although Ron Mosley currently lives in Virginia, he and Bert Griggs are proud to come home to Akron, OH with a business that creates jobs and fills a need for a great service in Summit County and the surrounding communities. 

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In Review: The 3rd Annual Greater Summit Business Conference & Expo

The Black Pages Ohio and the Summit Magazine partnered with the City of Akron and County of Summit for the 3rd Annual Greater Summit Business Conference & Expo.



The Black Pages Ohio and the Summit Magazine partnered with the City of Akron and County of Summit for the 3rd Annual Greater Summit Business Conference & Expo.

The event was hosted at the University of Akron’s Quaker Station on April 26, 2017. Small businesses and corporations from across the state of Ohio networked for business and procurement opportunities. The EXPO focused on collaboration between businesses, helping small businesses succeed, economic development in Summit County and diversity and inclusion with workshops and a vendor trade show.

Nearly forty vendors displayed their products and services during the trade show. Vendors included corporations such as Dominion, First Energy, Summa Health, CareSource, Cleveland Clinic Akron General, University of Akron, Kent State University, Cleveland State University, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Spectrum and Cook Paving & Construction Co. Inc. State agencies such as Ohio Development Services Agency, Ohio Department of Administrative Services, Ohio Department of Transportation and financial institutions Huntington Bank and KeyBank. Four workshops were offered at the EXPO.

Building sustainable partnerships: A Small Business and Corporate Workshop. This workshop moderated by Kumi Lane, Cleve-land Clinic, showed small businesses how best to secure partnerships with larger organizations while putting corporations into contact with certified small businesses from every industry to meet their outsourcing needs.

Andre Bryan, President of APB & Associates moderated the workshop Key Drivers for Small Business an Overview of financing, Bonding, and Health Care.

The third workshop, Doing Business with the State of Ohio provided info on becoming a certified Minority Business (MBE). Summa Health held the fourth workshop, a Supply Chain Workshop discussing opportunities and upcoming projects. Many of the attendees found the EXPO to be beneficial. Danielle Thompson, Community Marketplace Representative for CareSource meet new businesses with a potential need for health insurance and feels this was an excellent networking event.

The EXPO met the needs of Provident Advisor Group according to President Demetrius Ham- mett. He stated, “This EXPO is a good fit for us. We can do laser type networking rather than the shotgun approach where you don’t get anything out of it. This EXPO has deliverables. We have met four or five people and see opportunities.”

Sue Lacy and Michelle Cassetty Collins ConexusNEO president and vice president respectively, said “There are so many companies and organizations that are represented today and all really looking to address their workforce and talent needs. They are really open to talking about what their needs are. It has been a great event for us.”

Central State University students sponsored by Huntington Bank attended the Conference and EXPO too. Tikeya Anderson, a senior at Central State, would recommend the conference to freshman, sophomores and juniors in the Business School. She believes it will help students determine the types of internships they would like to do and start many students thinking about entrepreneurship early in their college life.

Ashley Span, Sharonda McDaniel and Joseph Lancaster all found the workshops to be meaningful. They all found the openness of the business owners refreshing and eye-opening. Ashley plans to learn more about the companies present today. Sharonda liked the collaborative nature of the businesses and noted how important relationships are among the business community. Joseph was intrigued by all the support for entrepreneurs.

Ilene Shapiro was the keynote luncheon speaker. Executive Shapiro asked business owners for their ideas and questions for the county. She also posed her own questions to the business owners, what is the county doing currently to meet their needs and what aren’t they doing. Executive Shapiro took questions directly from the luncheon audience and connected business owners with agencies who could meet those needs. The Executive also spoke about workforce development as a key component to economic development and asked attendees about the talent needed to do their business. She encouraged business owners to partner with workforce development agencies to establish their talent needs now and in the future.

And finally, Executive Shapiro was excited to see diversity at the luncheon. She called diversity, “the hallmark of what we want Summit County to be. Bringing in people in from all walks of life, all races and all nationalities to build our community for a brighter tomorrow. “ From all of us at Black Pages Ohio and the Summit Magazine, we thank all of you for your continued support in our continuing mission of creating partnerships and promoting diversity.

We hope that you will join us for our upcoming 4th Annual Greater Summit Business Conference & Expo in 2018.

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DAR Public Relations: Longevity + Experience = Exceptional Results



When a business offers expertise in a wide range of services and backs it up with more than three decades of experience, the result is unquestionable success. DAR Public Relations, Inc., a female minority-owned and -operated public relations firm headquartered in Solon, Ohio, is celebrating 32 years of delivering high-profile projects for its clients – local, national, and international.

Launched by President and CEO Dannette Render in 1984, DAR is an integrated marketing agency that offers marketing, public relations, conference/event planning, and advertising services, including a market niche focusing on public and community involvement. The firm is known for impressive expertise with coordination of high-profile public awareness campaigns statewide and locally. Some recent examples are campaigns for Ohio Infant Mortality, Ohio Multicultural Tourism, Ohio Wine Month, Ohio Tobacco Quit Line, “Don’t Borrow Trouble,” and Children Who Witness Violence.

DAR’s value proposition is based on three decades of expertise focused on building superior resources and relationships, positioning the company to deliver an outstanding competitive advantage unparalleled by other smaller agencies. A generalist agency, DAR is comfortable with facilitating a variety of projects. “We enjoy learning about new facets of business and communities,” says Render. “We’re strategic thinkers, and we’ve developed a network in the business world. We never enter a new market or community alone – we’ve already made relationships there that we draw on for the benefit of our clients.”

The company’s success is a reflection of its founder and CEO. Render has garnered an impressive list of awards and has served as a delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business. To do great things on such a high level, Render relies on belief in herself and the words of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale: ‘Tough times don’t last – only tough people.” She says, “Tough times require entrepreneurs to become more savvy and creative. Every day, I face my work with a smile and a commitment to excellence.”

It’s no surprise that clients fall in love with DAR. They are deeply impressed by the depth of knowledge DAR delivers to every project, along with keen attention to details, extreme excitement, and focus on flawless execution. One client recently commented, “When Russell Conwell wrote Acres of Diamonds, one of the diamonds he must have had in mind was Dannette Render and DAR Public Relations.”

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Field Day Cleaning: A Professional Clean



William Pearson is the owner/ operator of Field Day Cleaning Inc., a professional full-service cleaning/maintenance company that provides janitorial services, distributes janitorial supplies and utilizes advanced technological equipment to properly sanitize and extract health hazardous material.

Mr. Pearson started his business in 2005 by cold calling and going door to door to drum up business while he continued to work full time. He succeeded and landed his first client and contract with the Cleveland Lakefront State Park. Mr. Pearson maintained the contract for two years before he was informed certification was needed to bid on future contracts.

Field Day Cleaning, Inc. was not a certified at that time so Mr. Pearson sought out entities that could help him become certified. He connected with the Cuyahoga County Office of Procurement and Diversity, the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, the Urban League and other organizations to learn about the different types of certifications.

Mr. Pearson interacted with contract decision makers, suppliers, and city and county officials. Most beneficial to him was meeting people one on one in small group settings. Field Day Cleaning, Inc. is now MBE and DBE certified and SBE certified by the city of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. Mr. Pearson has also self-certified as a Section Three business with HUD.

Field Day Cleaning, Inc. now has contracts with construction and property management companies as well as commercial contracts to clean office buildings. Mr. Pearson’s company works on-site during construction maintaining cleanliness and post construction cleaning before the client takes possession of the property.

Field Day Cleaning, Inc. also cleans apartment when tenants move in and out and does maintenance such as plumbing and drywall repair as needed by clients. While Mr. Pearson has a great work ethic he soon learned more was need to run a business. He recalls, “When I started my business, no one sat me down to talk about owning a business, I just jumped out there.” Mr. Pearson wishes he had realized the need for an accountant versus doing his own taxes early on.

He also believes all advice is not good advice and business owners should seek consultation for new business startups. Mr. Pearson also finds obtaining needed financing and managing resources to maximize company growth a challenging part of business ownership. He believes opportunities are wide open for companies that can take on multi-state contracts with the federal government and companies that expand their services.

Mr. Pearson says. “The smartest thing that I have done in my business is master my craft and reinvent the wheel. I started out just doing janitorial services and now I have made my company a little more attractive with added value services to suit my client’s needs.

You may contact William Pearson at Field Day Cleaning, Inc., 216-526-5810, email: b.pearson36@yahoo. com

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